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The benefits of AU 60 ROOT REPAIR far outnumber that of any other organic supplement.
Increased root mass

  • Natural resistance to pathogens
    Disease control
    Maximised nutrient uptake
    Improved plant health
    Significant yield increase
    Stronger stems and leaves
    Cleaner system
    Increased light interception
    Increased heat tolerance
    The technological breakthrough came when we were able to isolate the very substance that the plants
    use to fight disease.
    As with all out products, AU 60 ROOT REPAIR has undergone extensive trials. The list pf benefits
    clearly reflects the outstanding results of these trials.
    To put quite simply, AU 60 ROOT REPAIR fights disease FOR the plant. This allows the plant to
    flourish uninhibited by disease and grow more roots to facilitate a greater food production, thus
    growing bigger, stronger and healthier. Inevitably producing greater yields FASTER.
    AU 60 ROOT REPAIR is a non toxic pesticide. Its an organic, naturally occurring substance that
    controls disease.
    Through out a plants life it is subjected to attack by numerous organisms that see it as food and want
    to consume it before you do. Naturally, the plant has defenses against this attack but from time to time
    the pathogens gain the upper hand and the plant becomes diseased. This usually happens when the
    plant is under stress of some sort. This can occur from too much heat, cold, water or nutrient. Not
    enough water, warmth or humidity may also cause stress. One of the major causes of stress is
    flowering. At this time, the developing flowers compete with the leaves and roots for the plants energy
    and food supplies. This is why very little new root or leaf growth takes place at this time.
    During these stress periods is when the pathogen is most likely to succeed in its attack on the plants
    defenses and remember, the plant is CONSTANTLY under attack. This attack occurs all over the plant
    but here we are concerned mainly with the root system which is the organ most vulnerable to attack
    and the least able to defend itself.
    Usually, in the soil there are large numbers of micro organisms which attack the pathogens
    themselves. When we grow in hydroponics these micro organisms are often absent thus giving the
    pathogens a free run.
    As well, the roots have a different structure in Hydroponics. In the soil they develop a corky covering
    which provides a defense against pathogens. In Hydroponics this is largely absent. AU60 ROOT
    REPAIR provides the plant with a defense mechanism which inhibits these attacks. As a result, you
    will see massive new root hair growth which will enhance your yield.
    DIRECTIONS FOR USE : 1 ml per litre of working solution at every change