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Dutch Master Zone


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We all know that fast growing plants have a big demand for food and water but did you know that if your root system is not optimised then your plants might be missing out on the ability to uptake all that they need? Available in: 1Ltr & 5Ltr.

Trusted around the world by countless growers, ZONE ensures that your root system and environment are optimised so that your plants take up to 100% of what they need – all of the time! Modern root cleansing is harsh on your plant’s delicate root structures leaving you with plants that are unable to grow to their maximum potential.

Dutch Master ZONE changes all that with its modern, gentle and ultra effective root zone optimisation actions. ZONE is gentle enough to use as a full time maintenance program and outperforms everything in its class and is your frontline tool of choice for the ultimate root zone environment!

Don’t leave your root zone in the hands of just any product. Choose the one trusted by thousands of growers worldwide. Choose ZONE!