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Bud Burst™ helps maximize yields and increases the vitality of plants. The Potassium in Bud Burst™ directly affects the production of chlorophyll while regulating stomata openings which in turn improves the plant’s ability to breathe. Potassium is also essential for the storage and movement of carbohydrates in plants which lead to higher brix levels that will maximize yields.A Complete Flowering Enhancer

Bud Burst™ is truly a complete flowering enhancer that contains rich sources of Potassium, which is essential to water and nutrient movement in plants, photosynthesis, activating enzymes and strengthening cell walls. It is derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum which has the highest Potassium level of any kelp and is also full of trace elements, natural plant growth stimulants, and 17 amino acids. Bud Burst™ greatly improves brix levels, promotes more flowering sites with larger flowers, and induces greater essential oil production for increased yield potential.

Abundance Within
Bud Burst™ contains over 60 minerals with exceptionally high chelating ability. The chelated micro nutrients within allow for easy nutrient uptake by your plants ensuring improved flower set and floral development. Plant metabolic processes are stimulated enhancing the movement and storage of carbohydrates within your plants which lead to higher brix levels resulting in greater weight and yield.

Stress Reliever
The unique formula in Bud Burst™ delivers stress relief to unhealthy plants. Bud Burst™ also increases frost/cold weather resistance which ensures that the survival and flowering potential of plants remains unaffected for maximized yield potential in every season.

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