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Quantum Silica produces healthier & stronger plant growth:  Once silica is taken up by the roots, it is deposited in the plant’s cell walls as a solid, rigid ‘quartz-like’ matrix.

This produces a ‘Structurally’ stronger plant which actuates superior leaf orientation and stimulates greater rates of quantum photosynthesis and growth.

Protects against Mould and Grey Rot

Increases weight & shelf-life of fruit:   Accumulation of silica in plant cells
increases cell mass and structural integrity.

Increases plant tolerance to heat stress (wilting).

Plants accumulate silicon to build their cells, they also store it as foundational support between cells.

Hydroponic Nutrient formula’s do not supply Silica as it is an organic reactive element in its pure form , there are only 2 organic elements in the periodic table that can organise, Build  and co-create life Carbon and Silica.

Improves the healing rate and neatness of pruning wounds.

Your plants contain as much as 10% of their weight as silica!

Tap into The Quantum Realm and Build Plants that are worth their weight in Gold.

0.3mls/ltr from week 3 of grow onwards till Harvest.

Now Available in 1ltr and 5ltr sizes