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PYYRO K is the first and only plant booster based on the POWER of PYROPHOSPHATE. PYYRO K will BOOST your plant’s ROOTS, HEALTH & GROWTH.

First, PYYRO K starts by generating a LARGE & POWERFUL ROOT SYSTEM, rivalling or exceeding the best root boosters on the market.

Then, PYYRO K up-regulates your plants metabolism and INCREASES THE AMOUNT OF NUTRIENTS your plant up-takes & uses, by up to 25% – allowing your plants to grow and develop at rates you never thought possible!
SIMPLICITY at its best! NO MORE NEED for separate root, grow and flower boosters.

The Science Of Pyyro K
Pyrophosphate, the power behind PYYRO K is a unique and powerful form of phosphorus that has a similar energy signature to ATP – the universal energy currency of every living thing on earth.

This unique energy signature, when combined with our proprietary TRx1 Peptide Suite, allows PYYRO K to act as a powerful metabolic optimizer that dramatically up-regulates your plants metabolism and gets your plants increasing their nutrient uptake, growing and yielding like they were meant to.

Pyrophosphate is powerful – in fact it’s over 6 times more powerful than the regular phosphate found in your current flowering or plant booster – when it comes to providing that EXTRA phosphorus energy your plant craves during flower nothing beats the power of pyrophosphate.

PYYRO K gives you the BEST VALUE for your money.