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Dry Tent Kit


$670.00 $500.00

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The “Dry Tent” System. Specially Designed self contained kit for The Odourless Drying of produce.

After many years of trying different drying racks and methods, this is  a DREAM set up! A self contained drying system. A 0.8×0.8×1.6mtr Mylar Grow Tent including a Dutch imported CAN GT600 Carbon Filter, and an  6 tier Open Sided Seahawk DRY RACK , Spectrum 150mm Fan and Foil ducting

This free’s up other “Carbon Filtered Growroom Areas” to keep growing or flowering! And means crops can be professionally cured in the pitch dark with even airflow that is TOTALLY CARBON FILTERED. This system  has meant customers can increase room turnover which in turn increases the yearly crop yields!!!!

  • Grow Tent .08 x 0.8 x1.6Mtr
  • Can Filters CAN  GT 600 (NEW)
  • 6 tier SEAHAWK drying rack
  • FAN  Airjet 150mm
  • Duct westaflex Sound Acoustic 3mtr

TOTAL  $500      – An Awesome Price anywhere worldwide!!!