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Sunmaster 600W MH Retro


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SUNMASTER Conversion Grow Lamps are Metal Halide lamps which operate on standard HPS ballast and ignitor systems. The Neutral Deluxe version emits balanced light similar to a 4000° Kelvin source, while the Cool Deluxe version emits light similar to a 7000° Kelvin source, imitating the natural look of daylight.

SUNMASTER Conversion Lamps are effective in promoting both vegetative growth and flowering. They surpass the HPS lamps they replace in PAR watts – the most objective measurement of total light energy available for photosynthesis.

SUNMASTER Conversion lamps are available in 1,000 watt versions, with a choice of universal or base-up burning configurations for optimum performance, as well as warm, cool, or neutral colour spectrums.

SUNMASTER Conversion Lamps set new standards in general plant lighting, promoting high levels of photosynthesis without compromise.