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Kit 1- Assistant Producer 400w Digital (Hand Feed)


or 4 payments of $250.00 with Afterpay

This is An All you Need For Hand Feed System with the latest 400W Dimmable Digital Light technology saving you on power bill$ and performing 20% better than the old school equipment

(As Always We can quote for any size with any variation of equipment)

Our Mylar Tent Special for a Simple Set up which does not require feed automation or Odour control.

  • 1 x 1 x 2mtr Jungle Room Mylar Grow Tent With Airjet 150mm fan + Ducting
  • 4 x 18ltr Awesome New Air Pruning “Rocket  Pots” Complete with Drain With Saucers  on R7 Foam Risers  with CANNA PROFESSIONAL  Organic Coco medium for Hand Feeding.
  • 400W Nanolux Digital Dimmable Kit  (3rd less power use and 20% faster Growth) with  a Sunmaster Digital 400W HPS Globe) +JBL Timer,

This  is the Best  Value  in all of OZ! All  Backed up with our Shop’s  Abundant Advice – Service and our Happy to Help Experienced Staff  7 days a week!

Product Price Qty
Mylar Grow Tent 1x1x2Mtr $220 1
Rocket Pots 18ltr x 4 With Saucers $25 4
Glandore Exclusive Nutrient and plant health pack  $220  1
Kit – HPS  400W Ballast NANOLUX DIGITAL WITH , Sunmaster Digital Globe HPS  400W – Open reflector 500mm $270 1
JBL 30 Amp Timer Control $50 1
Foam Pot Bases 30Ltr $7.50 4
Ducting – Silver Foil – 5Mtr $30 1
Canna Coco Professional 40 Ltr Bricks x 2 $30 2
Fittings – Grommet 19mm $1 4
Elbows 19mm $1 4
PH Down 250ml $12.50 1
PH Up 250ml $12.50 1
 Tub – 80ltr  $40  1
 19mm Hose  $25  1
Pen Meters – pH $40 1
Pen Meters – EC $50 1
Airjet fan $120 1

Now with the Glandore Exclusive Nutrient and plant health pack for Free

1 x Set of  Dutch Imported BAC A/B Nutrient – strong and great quality , same for grow and flower

1 x 250ml RYZO The Finest Root and all round Plant Tonic we have ever used!

1 x ORGANIC AMINO 250ml – Totally Plant based  the finest Amino we have ever used , plants love it!

1 x 1ltr RHINO – World class Fusion Super Potash Souped up with Juice producing organics that make Flowers  drip with honey and Terpene aroma’s

130g FROOTING POWER – ultimate Re shooting product to push renewed flowering – like a whole new layer of flower on top of whats grown , amazing weight gains

1 x FUNGARID -15g , Systemic Fungicide – a life saver for growers , pre treat preventatively  for 4-6 weeks protection from root rots and fungal diseases

1 x KRYPTOMITE -15g – Systemic Miticide – Spray and get 4 weeks protection from spider mites – as always we say prevention is way better than dealing with sick plants ,

1 x GNATRAL – A Biocide (organic biological larvae killer) based on highly tuned Benefical Bacteria Strains

Over $255 worth of Products at usual discounted prices all for $220 ,   FREE WITH TENT PACKS OVER $1000