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Grow Tents Kit Special “The Co-Producer”

From: $1,600.00

If You have been looking for An Easy To Set Up And Use System that You Can Grow the Most Awesome “Produce” Ever Then This IS IT !

As always, the Worlds Finest Components are Assembled for Growing Perfection and Is  a huge favourite As An Efficient 4 plant System on Its Own or Some love using this in Union with “The Producer” as a “Grow and Flower” Continuous Yield System hence the name “Co-Producer”.

As with all Our Special “Tent Setups” The Core concept is a Seed idea that is Always Growing In All Ways!
We have Been Honoured to have Grown with the Evolution of modular tent set ups and have always used Exactly the same high tech equipment that we would use in a ” Grow Room” but easier and quicker to set up and take down and Move!

We can quote on any Brand of Tent or changes in Pot Configurations.

You can call us 7 days a week and speak to real growers who all use these systems.

This setup comes with great instructions and we are here 7 days to assist in any way we can.

We Now have Many Options to select from our full range of Digital Lighting Equipment!
We offer The Finest Choice of  Digital Ballasts , all with Full 3 yr Warranty Back Up from US

We would say its madness not to go Digital These-days as the Price is as Low as its ever going to be !
Digital Ballasts have a 3 yr warranty with us , (mags are 1yr)
They use a THIRD LESS POWER than the old school mag ballasts whilst creating 20-25% more light at a higher frequency- 50hz vs 29khz-120khz ( LUMATEK ULTIMATE 600W/400v version)
They Produce Much Higher Micromole Counts Thats Actual Light Photons at distance – Or in Growers terms Way More Penetration Meaning Chunkier Flowers Down Under!

(You may notice that LED Sellers NEVER quote Micromoles)

System Includes,,,

New Version Grow Tent Seahawk MYLAR 1.2 x 1.2 x 2 Mtr– (We can Re quote on Any Size In Any Tent Brand -No Worries )

Digital Cool Shade Kit – HPS 600W

1x OF YOUR CHOICE OF 600W -Either Cultiv8 600w (OR  The Latest LUMATEK  400V Pro Digi/Globe Combo)
1 x COOL TUBE 400mm Glass (600MM Total length) with reflector – (Up to 10 degrees of globe heat removed)
1 x CULTIV8 600W Super HPS
(IF CHOOSING THE NEW UK DESIGNED LUMATEK ULTIMATE 600W/ 400V – We are Stoked for you as you get The World Leader Phillips Greenpower EL  600W/400V GLOBE INCLUDED)

JBL 240v Timer Control (30amp internal contactor) x 2 (1 for Feed 1 For Light)

CAN Filters GT 600 CFM High Performance Dutch Imported Carbon Filter
CAN Max Fan Pro 150mm (Just arrived Redesigned 2 speed Version More Silent and Way More Powerful!)
Nutrient Res Food Grade Poly-80 Ltr ( can be upgraded to 200ltr with bigger Pump barrel just ask Us)

Pots – Rocket Pots – Air Pruning Pots -18ltr Inner x 4

Pot saucers 400mm x 4
Foam Pot Bases 30Ltr x 4

Feed Rings – 6mm Swivel Feed Ring x 4
150mm Hose Clamps x 2
Aqua One – 2500 Air Pump
Airstone 2inch Ball x 1
Aqua One – Water Heater 100W
Ducting – Silver Foil – 5 Mtr…
Thermo/Hygrometer LCD (with ext temp+Humidity Probe)
Poly Pipe 4mm x 1mtr (air hose)
Poly Pipe 13mm x 10mtr
Poly Pipe 19mm x 10mtr
HG Coco x 2 50ltr bags x 2
19mm Grommet (for pot) x 4
19mm Elbows x 4
19mm “T” x 5
13mm Elbows x 4

HG coco bag 50ltr x 2

13mm Taps x 4
PH Up 250m
PH Down 250ml
HJ Water Pumps 1542
Pen Meters – pH Digital Meter
Pen Meters – EC Digital Meter

Now with the Glandore Exclusive Nutrient and plant health pack for Free

1 x Set of THC COCO A/B Nutrient – strong and great quality , same for grow and flower from the makers of the Awesome THC Eksit .

1 x 250ml RYZO The Finest Root and all round Plant Tonic we have ever used!

1 x ORGANIC AMINO 250ml – Totally Plant based  the finest Amino we have ever used , plants love it!

1 x 1ltr RHINO – World class Fusion Super Potash Souped up with Juice producing organics that make Flowers  drip with honey and Terpene aroma’s

130g FROOTING POWER – ultimate Re shooting product to push renewed flowering – like a whole new layer of flower on top of whats grown , amazing weight gains

1 x FUNGARID -15g , Systemic Fungicide – a life saver for growers , pre treat preventatively  for 4-6 weeks protection from root rots and fungal diseases

1 x KRYPTOMITE -15g – Systemic Miticide – Spray and get 4 weeks protection from spider mites – as always we say prevention is way better than dealing with sick plants ,

1 x GNATRAL – A Biocide (organic biological larvae killer) based on highly tuned Benefical Bacteria Strains

Over $255 worth of Products at usual discounted prices all for $220 ,   FREE WITH TENT PACKS OVER $1000


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