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“The Producer” Grow Tent Kit – LUMATEK ULTIMATE 600W/400V


This is An Easy To Set Up And Pleasure to Use  – A  Highly Productive Professional Grow Tent Tent Package that has evolved over time. This is a “Kernal” Concept – A Seed For your Highly Fertile Mind and is Completely Adaptable to Any Growing Situation. (Please ask us and we can quote on any brand Tent /size, any pot or light configuration to suit your Growing Needs.)

This tent kit includes the Latest Uk Designed Lumatek Ultimate   600W / 400V Ballast / Phillips Greenpower EL 400v  lamp combo kit. The included tent is new version Seahawk and new Version 1.45 x 1.45 x 2mtr – (This can be changed to any brand – any size, just phone or email any time for a quote.)



Tent – 1.45 x 1.45 x 2mtr New Version Seahawk with 19mm poles
2 x Lumatek Ultimate 600W EL -400V Pro Electronic -BALLAST
2 x The Global Benchmark- Phillips Greenpower Digital Lamps 600W – 400V Pro Digi’s
2 x COOL TUBE Large 600mm with reflector – (Up to 10 degrees of globe heat removed)

Can GT600 Dutch Imported Carbon Filter

Can Fan 150mm 2 speed Pro

150mm Hose Clamps x4 (for Cool tube duct)
Duct 150mm Acoustic 3mtr (from fan to tubes)
Duct 150mm High Temp Foil 5mtr (between tubes and Y1’s)
Duct 200mm High Temp Foil 5mtr (from y1 out)
Y1 Splitter ( to Route Air through tubes/ Air out) x2
JBL 30 Amp 2x Timer Control x2 (lights and feed)
Nutrient Resevoir Food Grade Poly-80 Ltr ( can be upgraded to 200ltr with bigger Pump barrel just ask Us)
Pots 4x 23ltr “Rocket Potts” – Air pruning Sensation -Plants grow faster and yield like 3 time s the pot size!
Pot Saucers 400mm x 4 – (Drilled and with fittings attatched for drain of rocket pots)
Foam Pot Bases 4 x 30Ltr
H&G Dutch Impoted Coco Bag 50ltr x 2

Feed Rings – 4x 6mm Feed Rings custom fit for rocket pots
13mm Taps x 4 (for feed rings)
Aqua One – 2500 Air Pump
Airstone 2x 2inch Ball
Aqua One – Water Heater 100W
HJ Water Pumps 1542
Pen Meters – Digital pH
Pen Meters – Digital EC
Ph Down + Up 250ml of Each
Thermo/Hygrometer -Special Tent Vesion with external Humidity/Temp Probe
Poly Pipe 4mm x 2mtr (air hose)
Poly Pipe 13mm x 10mtr
Poly Pipe 19mm x 10mtr
19mm x4 Grommet (for pot)
19mm x4 Take off(for pot grommet)
19mm x4 Elbows
19-13 x4 “Reducing T”
19mm x4 “T”
13mm x4 Elbows

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