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“The Producer” Grow Tent Kit

From: $1,800.00


This is Easy To Set Up And a Real Pleasure to Use –
Highly Productive Professional Grow Tent Tent Package that has Evolved over Time.

Everything that is Needed to In Cube 8 Your Growing Nature
(Please ask us and we can quote on any brand Tent /size, any pot or light configuration to suit your Growing Needs.)

This tent kit includes EITHER the

2 x Cultiv8 Magnetic HPS Ballast with the Sunmaster 600W HPS Globe   , Or

2 x The Fanless Cultiv8 Digital Dimmable and boost-able 600W Ballast with the Sunmaster 600W HPS Globe. 0r

2 x The Lumatek Ultimate 600W EL -400V Pro Electronic -BALLAST  With  Phillips Greenpower Digital Lamps 600W – 400V Pro Globe

in 2 x  600mm Cool Tube shades

The included tent is new version Seahawk and new size 1.45 x 1.45 x 2mtr – (This can be changed to any brand – any size, just phone or email any time for a quote.)

Tent – 1.45 x 1.45 x 2mtr New Version Seahawk with 19mm poles

Can GT600 Dutch Imported Carbon Filter

Can MaxFan 150mm (600 CM/hr) 2 speed Pro

150mm Hose Clamps x4 (for Cool tube duct)
Duct 150mm High Temp Foil 5mtr (between tubes and Y1’s)
Y1 Splitter 150X150X150MM( to Route Air through tubes/ Air out) x2
JBL 30 Amp 240v Timer Control (for lights)

Split power lead 2 sockets (for lights to timer)

Nakajima Digital Timer (for feed)
Nutrient Reservoir Food Grade Poly-80 Ltr ( can be upgraded to 200ltr with bigger Pump barrel just ask Us)
Pots 4x 18ltr – “Rocket Pots” – Air pruning Sensation -Plants grow faster and yield like 3 times the pot size!
Pot Saucers 400mm x 4 – (Drilled and with fittings attached for drain of rocket pots)
Foam Pot Bases 4 x 30Ltr
Canna Coco Professional 40ltr cubes x 2 (80ltrs total)

Feed Rings – 4x 6mm Feed Rings custom fit for rocket pots
13mm Taps x 4 (for feed rings)
Aqua Manta  – SP150 Air Pump
Airstone 1 x 2 inch Ball
Aqua One – Water Heater 100W
HJ Water Pumps 1542
Pen Meters – Digital pH
Pen Meters – Digital EC
Ph Down + Up 250ml of Each
Thermometer/Hygrometer -Special Tent Version unit mounts external with  Humidity/Temp Probe on lead for in the Tent.
Poly Pipe 4mm x 2mtr (air hose)
Poly Pipe 13mm x 4mtr
Poly Pipe 19mm x 10mtr
19mm x4 Grommet (for pot)
19mm x4 Take off(for pot grommet)
19mm x4 Elbows
19-13 x4 “Reducing T”
19mm x4 “T”
13mm x4 Elbows

Now with the Glandore Exclusive Nutrient and plant health pack for Free

1 x Set of BAC COCO A/B Nutrient – Dutch Perfection Max Strength and Quality same for grow and flower

50ml of BAC Weekly Scirup – The ultimate waste digester – plant mega booster just add last part of flush at 0.6mls/Ltr

50mls of BAC Uwaroo The New Powerful Large root booster from the original creators/inventors of H&G Roots Excel

50mls BAC Rotalumits – The latest power stimulator from Bac Holland Creates its own living Enzymes Fresh every feed!

1 x 250ml RYZO The Finest Root and all round Plant Tonic we have ever used!

1 x ORGANIC AMINO 250ml – Totally Plant based  the finest Amino we have ever used , plants love it!

1 x 1ltr BAC F1 EXTREME BOOSTER – World class Fusion Super Potash Souped up with Juice producing organics that make Flowers  drip with honey and Terpene aroma’s

130g FROOTING POWER – ultimate Re shooting product to push renewed flowering – like a whole new layer of flower on top of whats grown , amazing weight gains

1 x FUNGARID -15g , Systemic Fungicide – a life saver for growers , pre treat preventatively  for 4-6 weeks protection from root rots and fungal diseases

1 x KRYPTOMITE -15g – Systemic Miticide – Spray and get 4 weeks protection from spider mites – as always we say prevention is way better than dealing with sick plants ,

1 x GNATRAL – A Biocide (organic biological larvae killer) based on highly tuned Benefical Bacteria Strains

Over $350 worth of Products at usual discounted prices ,   FREE WITH TENT PACKS OVER $1000

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