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Bluelab Truncheon


$180.00 $150.00

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The best selling hydroponics EC/CF/PPM Meter in the world.

Why do growers prefer the Truncheon? It’s easy to use, easy to read, extremely accurate and best of all it’s reliable. The Truncheon will last for years – ask anyone!


* Provided with EC, CF and ppm scales
* Fully waterproof
* Fully guaranteed for five years (with proof of purchase)
* Fully factory calibrated
* Auto turn on and off
* Meter powered by three standard AA batteries
* Battery life minimum of one year (or shelf life of battery)
* No external switches or adjustment knobs
* EC(0.2 – 3.6), CF(2 – 36) and ppm scales(TDS and 700 scale)

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