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Mite Aerosol 100G

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This is a great solution for Spider Mites when the flowers are near the end of their cycle as they are at risk of mould from wet sprays. It creates a “dry fog” that is easy to engulf the plants so it gets under the leaves no worries!

This is safe for you, your plants and pets!!

100 gram aerosol can containing World Health Organisation recommended and approved insecticides together with a non-flammable, non-CFC propellant approved for use in aircraft.

Straight from the Aircraft Industry, these sprays are Most excellent if you have a Mite outbreak during the “flowering stage” as it can be risky spraying wet liquids on and around flowers as botrytus (grey mould) could result. This is a “DRY MIST” Spray that is TOTALLY SAFE for HUMANS, PLANTS and the ANIMALS amongst us!


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