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Rocket Pots – Air Pruning Pots


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We Are always Keen to Grow Our Minds and what we have Witnessed Has Changed Everything!

We Love it when all that we thought we knew about plants in pots is wiped and is overwritten by New Experiential Knowledge.

The Plant’s most important organ (the roots) can finally breathe allowing the Trichoderma and other Root Specific Symbiotic Beneficial Bacteria. and Fungi’s to Thrive pulling Fresh Oxygen through the “Root Matrix” the plants are literally Sucking Up Vast Quantities of Water/Nutrient for the Pot size.

The plant Behaves like it is in 3 times the size of Pot.

The very concept inspires the imagination as they were created for Rare Tree/s and Plants that were thought to be impossible to keep in Pots …

And We all Know the pain what happens if a plant gets root-bound and can be very hard to “Persuade” to Not “Bonsai” as the roots seem to send a signal when reaching “the edges of the world” so as to regulate the plants overall size … What If we can Bypass all this and Tune Things? 

So many things change when the Roots can Breathe



Rocket ® Pot Containers are designed to air prune roots by guiding root tips to open air.

RocketPot’s open wall and floor permit high oxygen permeation of the growing medium. Very fine root tips thrive and grow in the moist air in the pore spaces until they reach a cusp. They are guided to open air at the cusp end where they lose apical dominance.

Root branching occurs well back within the root ball and several new roots grow to adjoining cusps. The process repeats at an accelerating rate until the growing medium is colonised with fresh new roots.


Suddenly, when all of the medium’s pore space is filled with roots, root growth slows.

Growth of the head of the tree slows too in equilibrium with its roots system. Plants can be held safely for much longer than other pots. The roots do not spiral and plants look healthy.

When the Rocket ® Pot is removed and the tree is planted, the abundance of active roots grow outwards and downwards to colonise the new site. The tree grows like a Rocket.