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Heat N Grow – Heat Pad


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Heat n grow Heat Pads-The finest with 3 year warranty. THE best unit available, Aussie made and should last a lifetime!

Low Wattage and extremely Energy Efficient-Heat ‘n’ Grow Propagation Trays are the ideal way to ensure you are in control of your growing conditions.

They allow the germination and striking of plants and flowers all year round. Sturdy and water resistant, the quality of this product is top class.

TPS 020 basic model not adjustable, heats to 6-9 degrees above ambient (fits standard prop tray).
TPS 030 Includes Rotary Dial Thermostat (fits standard prop tray).
TPS 040 Includes Rotary Dial Thermostat (fits 2 prop trays and 4 way lid).
TPS 080 Includes Rotary Dial Thermostat (fits 4 prop trays and 2, 4 way lids ).

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