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Evap Grow Room Cooler



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This amazing unit supplies efficient Evaporative water cooling for grow rooms, and there is 2 different duct spigot sizes now 300mm and 350mm. It can be easily hooked up to fans or run passively on the suction of the air intake coming in to the grow room. Self contained with aqua one 104 pump in a 45Ltr food grade poly tub with  ballfloat/adaptor to enable easy hooking up of an external water tank. This Unit has saved many plants!!!

Using the finest “Celdek” Evap Pad available in the industry fitted in a custom built zinc plated all metal box complete with submersible Pump, 13mm tap and ballfloat /arm and adaptor mounted in a 45Ltr food grade poly water tank and you have the most energy efficient self contained Room conditioner Possible!

The External has a 300mm or 350mm duct spigot either side of the sealed box so it can be mounted Anywhere and the cooled airflow ducted to where is needed.

These box’s are loved by customers, many have had WHOLE crops SAVED in the intense heat waves in Australia, with humidity dropping below 10% during summer months. Plants literally geting the water/life sucked out of them.

Plants NEED 57% humidity 24/7 for optimal growth!

Attempting to use a traditional “fridge” split system air conditioner will take even more humidity out, these air conditioners are only used in “Closed System” CO2 rooms where humidity levels need to be dropped alongside de-humidifier equipment.

Some customers in very hot areas have been hooking up a water chiller unit to the water tank for some more degrees cooling!!!!!