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Can Silencers to suit 250 -315mm

From: $120.00

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The only real all metal silencer in the world! -Fully Imported from Holland PLEASE SELECT THE CORRECT FLANGES FOR YOUR FAN/DUCTING

The Silencers are sold sEperatly to the flanges and we custom attach the size when processing the required order
And the only one that really works! Using the same principles as a car/truck/Motobike Silencer ,

Each Silencer requires 2 flanges of the size of your fan , we bolt them on for you and silver tape all the joints ,

Also, the can system is totally versatile in that any flange can be fitted to either end of the silencer! unlike the cheap n dodgy “baffle kits” that are around which have fixed sized ends!

Now Available in 3 sizes

30cm Wide x 50cm Length, New Size suitable for 150 or 200mm CAN Fans Great for Tents and small area’s

37cm Wide x 50cm Length The classic and most popular Suits flanges up to 315mm BEST FOR MAX 250MM

37cm Wide x 1MTR Length The 1Mtr Version Suits flanges up to 315mm – DOUBLE STEALTH SILENCING