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Regulating Nutrient Temperature For Max Growth

A crucial, yet often overlooked, factor with plant growth is the temperature of the nutrient solution it is being fed.

Why does temperature make a difference?

The temperature of your nutrient solution will directly determine the amount of oxygen that can be transported to the roots. Colder water is able to retain more oxygen, and conversely the warmer water gets, the less oxygen is able to retain.

Perfect Nutrient Temperature Range is 18°C -22°C  – Ideal is 20°C!

At 25°C, water is able to hold 5ppm (parts per million) of oxygen, whereas water at 20°C is able to hold 8ppm.

There are limits however; water chilled too cold will prevent the uptake of nutrients within the solution.

Controlling the nutrient solution temperature

By utilising a designated water chiller, you are able to directly control the temperature of your nutrient solution. The best part is, its not rocket science to include a water chiller within your setup.

All you need to do is connect your water chiller to a separate water pump with some additional hosing, choose the desired temperature (between 18°C-20°C) and let it do the rest.

300A-800x800Which Nutrient Chiller to use?

The Hailea HC Series 1/4HP Chiller is the perfect addition to your setup. It will easily and quickly chill 2 x 200 litre barrels of nutrient solution.

It is also a great method for regulating the temperature of multiple Turboklone units.

If you require more information or assistance, simply give us a call (08 8371 5777) and we can advise of the appropriate size pump based on your nutrient barrel sizes and distances.