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Tara | December 18, 2021
Clone cutting hydro hydroponics cloning tutorial

What you will need:

Simple Cloning Method

  1. Select a healthy young cutting with many nodes or side branches in the vegetative stage. Flowering plants may also be used, but will take longer to develop roots and a higher rate be a higher portion of cuttings not striking roots. The cutting should be no longer than 15cm but no shorter than 5cm. The diameter of the stem at the base of the cutting should be approx 2mm. Larger or smaller cuttings will work, but may take longer to root.
  2. Remove cutting from mother plant using a sharp sterile blade with a diagonal cut. Place cutting into a cup with propagation solution and cover (this will prevent air getting inside cutting). Remove the bottom side branches and leaves up to 4cm from the base of the cutting. Larger shade leaves can either be removed or cut in half.
  3. Use chopstick or stick (at least 4cm long with 2mm diameter) to create a hole in the centre of the rockwool cube about 4cm deep. The hole should be slightly larger than the diameter of the cutting.
  4. Wet rockwool cubes with 50mls of the propagation solution around the area that the hole has been made.
  5. Pour cloning gel solution or powder into a small container. This will prevent contaminating any unused gel. Dip cutting into the gel or powder, up to 4cm from the base of cutting and wipe off excess. DO NOT USE EXTRA GEL OR POWDER. A light coating works best.
  6. Gently insert cutting into rockwool cube. If the cutting does not fit snug and tight, remove a small amount of rockwool from the side of the cube and insert it in the hole.
  7. Place cuttings in propagation container on a heat pad set at 26°C. Keep vent holes on the clear vented lid should be closed until roots are seen coming out of the rockwool cubes. The environment in the propagation container should be very humid.
  8. Cuttings should be sprayed with propagation solution once per day, everyday until roots appear. The clear vented lid should be wiped dry every day to avoid mould and rot affecting the cuttings.
  9. Feed the cutting every 2 to 3 days with 30-40mls of the propagation solution. Once roots are seen, half strength nutrient solution can now be applied. The vent holes can be gradually opened and then the clear vented lid removed. The whole process should take between 7 to 16 days.
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