Floor Mounted Carbon Filters

Tara | December 9, 2021
Floor Mounted Carbon Filters

Ideally, carbon filters should be mounted close to the roof for greatest efficiency, as the warm stale air will rise towards the ceiling. For larger carbon filters their weight can make this difficult.

By following the steps below, you can use the stability of the floor to support a large, solid carbon filter, whilst still drawing away that stale warm air.

  • Stand the carbon filter on the ground vertically and mount the fan (and silencer if used) as normal.
  • Then hang a length of 24″ fan ducting, down and around the assembled filter and fan, until it sits on the floor.
  • The top end of the duct should be no closer than about 60cm from the roof to allow adequate air movement. Use chain or string to hold the ducting in place.
  • Attach ducting to fan or silencer (as pictured), to exhaust air outside or to another part of the room.
  • The stale air sucks in from the top (where the stale warm air is present) runs down and into the filter, before being cleaned and blown out the top again.

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