Aqua One Maxi Water Pumps (Various Sizes)


Have you got dead spots in your tank or do you need more circulation to improve your water quality? The Aqua One Power Head range is a compact size powerhead that can push water around your tank so that debris can be picked up by your filter instead of settling on the bottom where it can create problems with your water parameters.

The Aqua One POWER HEAD Range is a submersible powerhead water pump with a legendary reputation as pretty much indestructible!

Available sizes:

  • 101 – Head 65 – 400L/hr
  • 102 – Head 105 – 500L/hr
  • 103 – Head 120 – 1200L/hr
  • 104 – Head 200 – 2000L/hr
  • 105 – Head 250 – 2200L/hr
  • 106 – Head 350 – 3200L/hr





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