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BAC Coco Nutrient A&B

A highly concentrated dutch base nutrient for use with coco


Our bestselling Dutch base nutrient


BAC Coco A&B is a 2-part base nutrient designed for indoor growing. It’s a strongly concentrated mineral base nutrient for both the grow and bloom period. Mineral base nutrients deliver immediate and easily absorbable nutrition to the plant resulting in rapid and observable results.

This liquid nutrient contains only the highest quality trace elements, including red chelate iron which encourages the formation of new leaves. As nutrients are absorbed at different rates, BAC has taken the utmost care to ensure an optimal balance in our Coco base nutrients.



Coco A&B is a a two part base nutrient. Despite its name, it can be used on any hydroponic substrate. During the growth period we recommend supplementing with Nitrogen. Store product only in its original packaging, Keep away from frost and light. Keep out of reach of children. Shake well before use. Do not store below 8º Celsius.



Coco A: NPK 10-0-2
Coco B: NPK 3-2-3


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