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BAC F1 Extreme Booster

Extreme flowering booster from Holland's BAC



BAC F1 Extreme Booster is a highly concentrated flowering additive, enriched with the highest quality trace elements, and various sugar molasses. It promotes an exuberant curing of your crop, and increases the intensity of flavour and aroma.

Phosphorus + Potassium = explosive flower production. These minerals are easily absorbed leading to rapid and observable results. Together, PK, phytoestrogens and other trace elements provide the energy and sustenance to produce fat, resinous, flavourful flowers. As plants reach the flowering stage, their need for carbohydrates (sugar) outpaces their ability to produce it. Molasses multiplies microbes and fuels cell growth and development resulting in larger, sweeter more robust flowers.



NPK: 0-13-19. Various minerals, trace elements and sugar molasses.



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