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BAC Frooting Power

New and improved Shooting Powder recipe. Direct from Holland.



BAC Frooting Power is a new and improved formulation of House & Garden’s cult product, Shooting Powder. More powerful, convenient and cost effective than its predecessor, Frooting Power is brought to you direct from the Dutch inventor, 100% made in Holland.


Frooting Power is a unique, high-phosphate bloom enhancer that stimulates cell division and causes flowers to harden and expand. Frooting Power triggers a new flowering cycle, initiating explosive production of new flowers. Results are substantial and observable within 5 days, surprising even the most experienced growers.Unlike Shooting Powder, Frooting Power will not absorb moisture from the air, allowing it to be stored in bulk 1kg canisters.


1kg Cannister - 1kg of Frooting Power is equivalent to 15 sachets of Shooting Powder. Recommended dosage is 0.65g – 1.3g per litre


Used as a bloom enhancer during the final 3 weeks of flower. Never use Frooting Power in combination with other flowering boosters. Only use Frooting Power on healthy plants, as it is a very powerful additive that demands significant energy from your plants.



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