BAC Organic Bloom Base Nutrient

Certified Organic & Vegan


BAC Organic Bloom contains easy to absorb, organic nutrients formulated to maintain a healthy soil microbiology.

Organic Bloom’s carefully balanced nutrition is formulated to maintain a healthy soil microbiology. Expect increased microbial activity, superior flower positioning and exuberant flower formation.

​Organic Bloom creates and feeds micro-organisms in your substrate, increasing the direct availability of required elements. These beneficial micro-organisms also create and bind more oxygen in your nutrient solution. Used in conjunction with BAC Daily, your crop will be better protected against disease (Pythium/Fusarium), insects (thrips/spider mites) and environmental control errors.

Comprised of ingredients approved by the Soil Association, Organic Bloom also contains Yucca, a natural dissolving agent that enhances soil penetration. Yucca` also facilitates stable water management in both soil and coco. The end result is a better flavour, aroma and quality of your flowers.



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