BAC Organic Grow Base Nutrient

Certified Organic & Vegan


BAC Organic Grow contains easy to absorb, organic nutrients formulated to maintain a healthy soil microbiology. Twice the strength of Canna Bio Vega.

Organic Grow stimulates root growth, shoot production and the general foundation of your crop. Plants require more nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) during the growth phase. Organic Grow provides all the necessary nutrients for vigorous vegetative growth to support an increased yield during the bloom stage.

Organic Grow creates and feeds micro-organisms in your substrate, increasing the direct availability of required elements. These beneficial micro-organisms also create and bind more oxygen in your nutrient solution. Used in conjunction with BAC Daily, your crop will be better protected against disease (Pythium/Fusarium), insects (thrips/spider mites) and environmental control errors.

Comprised of ingredients approved by the Soil Association, Organic Grow also contains Yucca, a natural dissolving agent that enhances soil penetration. Yucca` also facilitates stable water management in both soil and coco. The end result is a better flavour, aroma and quality of your flowers.



Organic Grow is a base nutrient used during the veg/grow stage.

Organic Grow is optimized for use with soil, but is suitable for use with any substrate. Store product only in its original packaging, Keep away from frost and light. Keep out of reach of children. Shake well before use. Do not store below 8º Celsius.



Organic Grow: NPK: 8-3-3. Derived from alfalfa meal, various sugar molasses, kali vinasse, stone meal, and trace elements.


View BAC’s Organic Feed Chart



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