BAC Organic PK Booster

A vegan, organic bloom enhancer from Dutch brand BAC.


BAC Organic PK Booster is the flower additive to complement BAC Organic Grow and BAC Organic Bloom. This organic bloom booster is formulated to stimulate exuberant sugar formation, enhancing the taste, scent and overall appearance of your flowers.

BAC Organic PK Booster is designed to work harmoniously with the soil bacteria and mycorrhiza stimulated by BAC’s organic range of products. A high concentration of organic trace elements and sugars enable this organic additive to join forces with soil bacteria and mycorrhizae (fungi). Organic PK Booster is comprised of ingredients approved by the Soil Association, including Yucca, a natural dissolving agent that enhances soil penetration.



Bloom additive used during the bloom/flower stage. Store product only in its original packaging, Keep away from frost and light. Keep out of reach of children. Shake well before use. Do not store below 8º Celsius.



NPK: 4-2-8. Derived from alfalfa meal, various sugar molasses, kali vinasse, stone meal and trace elements.




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