Bloom Organic Swtnr



ORGANIC SWEET contains natural sugars that provide a source of energy for your plants and for the microorganisms that live symbiotically with them in the root-zone. Cultivating a rich culture of friendly bacteria and fungi is a sure-fire way to improve plant health. The carbohydrate content will help to add mass to your fruits, making harvest time a day to look forward to! ORGANIC SWEET will even enhance flavours, so you’ll also get a superior product!

• Advanced Floriculture – professional grade plant nutrition used by the agricultural industry
• Provides natural sources of carbohydrate for feeding beneficial microbes
• Used throughout the grow and bloom stages
• Highly effective in any growing medium
• The worm tea contains enzymes that assist in a healthy root zone plus other micro-organisms that break down decaying plant material in this zone
• Delivers an intense energy source for your plants
• Assists with the production of essential oils
• If doing a complete organic grow this product can be used as nutrient supplement along with bloom’s other organic nutrients
• Generally used at 1ml per litre of nutrient solution
• Enhances fragrances and flavours



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