Bloom Roots



ROOTS is an ultra powerful root booster that offers multiple benefits: it triggers an upsurge in the vigour and robustness of existing roots while also generating masses of luscious looking fresh roots. This action ensures that root-zones are robust and resistant to diseases. ROOTS also performs faultlessly as a rooting gel.
• Advanced Floriculture – professional grade plant nutrition used by the agricultural industry
• Triggers explosive root development
• Highly concentrated formula – one bottle goes a long way
• Generally used at 0.5ml per litre
• Can be used with any growing medium
• Protects against rootzone infection
• Can be used as a rooting gel, improving cutting success rates
• Combines perfectly with Bloom GROIGEN foliar spray feed
• Speeds up rooting times of cuttings for a faster turnaround
• Helps to lower the stresses of transplantation for a smoother transition to new containers
• Provides a rock solid foundation for growth and development – healthy roots equal healthy plants!



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