Breezin Hot Rods Heat Bars -sale


Stock is running low on these but we have another alternative:

Hortiair Heat Saber 120W & 240W


Hot Rods Heat Bars

The Breezin Hot Rod Heat Bars are by far the safest and most energy efficient option for those looking to maintain optimal greenhouse/growroom temperatures during the colder months.

The user friendliness and versatility will enable growers to easily hang or mount the heat bars to the walls, floor or even ceiling of their grow/propagation area.



  • Energy Efficient
  • Safe (no exposed heat elements)
  • Ideal for green houses & grow tents)
  • Versatile & User-friendly (Secure to wall or floor)
  • Durable Steel Shell With Enamel Finish
  • IP55 (suitable for humid environments)
  • Compatible With Most Thermostats
  • One Year Warranty

1200mm 240W Specifications:

  • 240W – 1200mm length
    Increase 5-7C in 2.5m3 area [1.2m*1.2m*2.0 tent]

600mm 80W Specifications:

  • 80W – 600mm length
    Increase 5-7C in 2.5m3 area [0.8m*0.8m*1.6 tent]

Need Perfect Control then we have A Brilliant Digital Thermostat that can run up to 1000w plus so lots of hot rods



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