Coco Grow Kit


This is an easy 1 plant kit to be used indoor or outdoor. It comes with a pot & saucer, coco fiber to fill the pot and your choice of Bloom or Grow single part nutrient. The kit also includes 100ml of Ryzo, an amazing root tonic from Holland to keep your plants looking happy and healthy.

See specifications below for a list of what’s included.


Product Price Qty
Kit Includes
Small Poly Pots $1 1 x 250mm/8.1L
Pot saucers (Various Sizes) $2 1 x 250mm Saucer
Nutrifield Coco Bricks (650g & 5kg) $10 1 x 650G (Makes 9L of coco)
Grow kit includes Ionic Grow. Bloom kit includes Ionic Bloom $15 1 x Choice of Ionic Grow or Bloom
RYZO $10 1 x 100ml



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