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Cocopeat brick | 5kg

70% coco - 30% chips


This is a blend of 70% Coir fibre and 30% husk chips ready to use with higher air porosity and water holding capacity. This 100% biodegradable combination of fibre and chips will promote rapid, unrestricted root growth as well as rapid runoff, while still retaining beneficial moisture.

Cocopeat is used as an natural growing medium in soil-less cultivation systems and as soil improver with excellent water and air retention properties. Healthy root growth is easy with coir peat 100% natural organic coir.

  • 100% 0rganic
  • 100% biodegradable
  • pH stable
  • Low EC

The compact nature of these bricks makes it easy to transport and handle, without the need to haul awkward bags around. One 5kg cocopeat brick makes approximately 60 - 75 litres of loose coco coir. Just add water!




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