Dutch Master Superbud



Dutch Master Superbud 1L

Superbud stops vertical plant growth and forces the plant to grow outwards and put on weight . Superbud Flowering Supplement can be used along side your other boosters and additives.

  • Increases yields by up to 30%
  • Shortens flowering times
  • Kick-starts your plants into the flowering cycle
  • Improves overall vigour



Superbud is a powerful bloom additive, to be used alongside your usual feeding regimen for the first two weeks of the flowering cycle, generally straight after switching to a 12/12 light cycle. Many years of research have gone into formulating an additive that kick-starts your plants into flowering, leading to increased yields, shorter finishing times and increased strength and vigour.



Dilute Superbud and add to nutrient solution at a rate of 3ml per litre in recirculating systems, and 5ml per litre when running to waste. Use during the first 7 days of the flowering cycle.




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