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HID Grow Tent Kit 2 | 600W | 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m | Cool Tube

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Glandore has a curated selection of custom grow tent kits designed to include everything you need to get started with an indoor grow room.

This is our 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m tent kit with a 600W HID light setup. This kit also includes a free nutrient starter pack valued at $425. See specifications below to view all included products.


Product Price Qty
Jungle Room Grow Tent 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m $250 1
Digi-Lumen 600W Digital Dimmable Ballast $100 1
Philips Son-T-Agro 600W HPS Globe $60 1
Cool Tube with Reflector (Various Sizes) $100 600mm x 1
TIME_R Digital Timer $50 2
Rope Rachet Kit Twin Pack $20 34kg x1
Can-Fan RS Centrifugal 150mm $200 1
Can-Fan Lite 600 Carbon Filter | 150mm Flange $190 1
Heat Resistant Foil Memory Duct Ducting 5m (Various Diameters) $20 1
Duct Clamps (Various Sizes) $3.5 150mm x 3
Thermometer/Hygrometer Min/Max Memory $25 1
Feed & Irrigation
Rocket Pots Air Pruning Pots (Various Sizes) $6.5 18L x 4
Pot saucers (Various Sizes) $2 400mm x 4
Foam Pot Risers (Various Sizes) $9 320mm x 4
Feed Ring 6mm Feeders $5 4
Nutrient Tank/Tub 80L $50 1
Aqua One SP150 Single Outlet Air Pump $20 1
Aqua One Airstones (Various Sizes) $4 1
CANNA Coco Professional Cube 40L $30 2
Aqua One Thermosafe Water Heater (Various Sizes) $20 1
HJ Water Pumps (Various Sizes) $25 HJ1542 x 1
Irrigation Fittings
Flexible Poly Hose 10m (Various Sizes) $15 13mm x1
Flexible Poly Hose 10m (Various Sizes) $15 19mm x 1
Flexible Poly Hose 1m (Various Sizes) $1 4mm x 2
T Irrigation Fittings (Various Sizes) $0.6 19mm x 5
Top Hat Grommet Fitting (Various Sizes) $.8 19mm x 4
Elbow Irrigation Fittings $.4 19mm x4
T Reducing Irrigation Fittings (Various Sizes) $1 19-13mm x4
Tap Irrigation Fitting (Various Sizes) $3 13mm x 4
Elbow Irrigation Fittings $.4 13mm x4
Free Nutrient Starter Pack
Glandore Nutrient Starter Pack ($425 Value) $300 1



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