Hailea Water Chiller HC-130A



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Hailea HC chillers have strong metal chassis with a housing of contemporary design, ensuring the chiller does not look out of place in any surroundings and as with other cooling units, our chillers-the HC series use the environmental friendly refrigerant R134a. Lower noise design, whilst the digital temperature controller ensures that the selected temperature is maintained.The rate of flow is decided according to the max jet of the pump and the circulation equipment.These top quality chillers are made on the same assembly line as your AQUA-MEDIC and use the same internals.

Water chillers are required in warmer climated to ensure the nutrient solution is the correct temperature. The nutrient solution should be between 18 – 22°C. Warm nutrients decrease oxygen and increase the potential for root diseases. 20°C is the optimal temperature. A water chiller is recommended in the hotter months.

Perfect for a 200L reservoir

You will need a pump that is at least 1000lph. The HJ 1142 is perfect for this chiller:

HJ Water Pumps (Various Sizes)



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