HQB Water Pumps (Various Sizes)


HQB’s pumps are made of top quality stainless steel and plastic, is anti-corrosive, acid-resisting and durable. The axle cores are made of top quality ceramics and are anti-corrosive and water proof. The motor and wires are sealed with resin.

  • 2000 = 1500lph @ 2mtr head
  • 2500 = 2000lph @ 2.5mtr head
  • 3000- 2500lph @ 3mtr head
  • 3500 = 3000lph @ 3.5mtr head
  • 4500 = 4500lph @ 4.5mtr head
  • 5000 = 5500lph @ 5mtr head
  • 5500 = 6800lph @ 5.5mtr head



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