ISN Grow A/B Base Nutrient

ISN’s 2-part base nutrient for the veg stage


ISN Supreme Grow is a two-part nutrient, formulated for rapid growth.

A “Second Generation” nutrient formulated with pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Fortified with B group vitamins and fulvic acid to improve nutrient uptake and improve plants metabolic action. ISN is formulated in South Australia and is designed for ease of use. ISN Grow is highly concentrated to provide the grower great value for money.

The ISN lab has designed this product to produce strong frames in preparation for heavy flowers. Supreme Grow assists the plant with its nutrient intake, all while accelerating growth. Grow A and B have a range of essential nutrients. These nutrients include: high nitrogen levels (for accelerated root development), phosphorus, potassium and a full spectrum of micronutrients. Supreme Grow is also enriched with certified organic fulvic acid and British pharmaceutical grade Vitamin B1.



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