Med-Tek Coir Vega A/B Base Nutrient


Many Australian growers ‘veg’ for a long time. Some nutrient manufacturers only produce and sell a single base coir nutrient formula that is to be used in grow and bloom. As a result, growers are then advised to use a nitrogen (N) top up additive to boost N in the vegetative growth stage. However, this is far from ideal because besides higher N requirements, other things are also going on which influence what would be considered optimal plant nutrition during veg versus flower.

Coir Vega is an aggressive, high N to K ratio, vegetative nutrient that promotes vigorous new leaf and shoot growth without compromising plant structure and health.

Coir Vega is loaded in calcium and magnesium. Our research has found that, particularly early on in the crop cycle, the coir substrate exchange sites lock up a high degree of the calcium and magnesium that is provided via the nutrient solution. This situation may go on for several weeks. Therefore, Coir Vega is formulated in such a way as to compensate for calcium and magnesium binding while also loading up the exchange sites in preparation for flower. This helps to promote optimal plant nutrition in coir growing situations.



A + B NPK  6 – 2 – 4

EC when used at a given ml per litre usage rate (all tests carried out in distilled water)

1ml/L Coir Vega            0.827 mS/cm

1.5ml/L Coir Vega         1.008 mS/cm

2ml/L Coir Vega            1.53 mS/cm


See Med-Tek feed chart for further information




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