OGS Premium NoTill Soil 25L

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Premium no till soil – ready to use from the bag

OGS Premium NoTill Soil is perfect for anyone seeking easy entry into NoTill gardening. It is ready to use right from the bag – complete with base, aeration, compost and plenty of amendments in the appropriate ratios. All you need to do is add it to a pot, add your plant, and water as needed.

Our Premium NoTill Soil has been carefully refined and lab tested so all of its elements interact harmoniously, eliminating the chance of encountering pH, lockout and deficiency issues. It has been designed to be top dressed and over time facilitate a biological environment that allows nutrient cycling (requiring less amendments over time).

The Calcium:Magnesium ratio has been optimised based on experimental studies that show when cation exchange sites are highly saturated (75-85%) by Calcium nutrient mobilisation and exchange is optimised. It is not until this saturation point that legumes are able to grow by fixing atmospheric Nitrogen, so it works well in conjunction with cover crops,





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