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PSI Mono Silicic Acid

Mono silicic acid additive sourced from Holland



Pure mono silicic acid imported directly from Holland.


PSI Mono Silicic Acid is a stabilised, bio-available mono/ortho silicic acid (SI OH 4) forumated as a plant additive. Mono silicic acid is a 100% bio-available silicon additive that increases nutrient absorbtion and the bio-availability of other nutrients by acting an an efficient transporter.


Features & Benefits


- helps the plant self-regulate internodal spacing;

- increases resistance against abotic and biotic stressors;

- significantly reduces transpiration (loss of moisture from leaves)

- tank stable so you can leave it in your reservoir without forming unwanted residue

- does not effect PH

- suitable for all types of crops



0.15mls a Ltr (30mls per 200Ltr)

Special use to Slow Vertical Growth 0.3mls per Ltr

Normal Foliar 1mls per ltr

Foliar Repair Mode 2mls /Ltr



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