Pure Crop 1 Foliar Spray


PureCrop1 uses advanced biochemistry to naturally eliminate pests, mold, and mildew while increasing plant health. Simplify your routine with a powerful insecticide, a potent fungicide, and a multi-faceted biostimulant, packed in one safe, organic, plant-based formula. PureCrop1 is gentle enough for use at home around children, pets, and even beneficial insects! With all plant-based ingredients, PureCrop1 is OMRI-listed, ASCO-approved, and can be used from seedling to harvest day while still testing clean parts per billion.

  • Increase Plant Health

    Delivers fatty acids from plant-based ingredients directly to the sap layer, where it can be used immediately by the plant. This function increases sugar levels, which can help plants resist pests naturally.

  • Eliminate Pests

    Eliminates sap-sucking insects on contact by interfering with their digestive enzymes. PureCrop1 works without harming beneficial insects, including predatory mites, ladybugs, bees, predatory wasps, and other beneficials.

  • Control Mold & Mildew

    PureCrop1 pulls solid particles away from the leaf surface like soap, sterilizes the spore, and rinses completely. Citric acid contributes to the antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of PureCrop1.

  • 7 Plant-Based Ingredients

    PureCrop1 is derived from renewable plant-based materials such as seed crops and causes no change in color or flavor in your crop.

  • Reduce Plant Stress

    PureCrop1 increases the Brix level (sugar content) of the plant, leading to increased electrical conductivity, allowing the plant to respond more quickly to threats.

  • Colloidal Micelle Nanotechnology

    Also described as a nano-supramolecular surfactant, nano-sized emulsions offer many advantages over conventional chemicals in safety, sustainable results, more rapid and reliable activation and extended long-term effects.

  • All plant-based ingredients
  • Approved for organic use
  • Test clean parts per billion
  • Can be used up to the day of harvest
  • No phytotoxicity
  • No change in color or flavor
  • Targets all sap-sucking insects
  • Targets all plant mold, mildew, and bacteria
  • Increases Brix levels
  • Organic Approved
  • Made with food-grade ingredients
  • Does not harm beneficial insects
  • 100% friendly to people, animals, and the environment.
Suggested Use
  • Mixing: Fill a container with fresh, clean water. Add PureCrop1 concentrate. Shake or stir. Spray or use as a root drench.
  • Dilution Rates: Pest/Mold/Mildew Control – 1%-2% solution every 7 days. Increase frequency and ratio to 2% when pressures rise.
  • To maintain long-term benefits, spray 2 oz per gallon once a week.
  • Use as your dormant spray at 2 quarts per 100 gallons with other chemicals or 1 gallon per 100 gallons by itself. Apply less product and achieve better results
  • The more prolonged PureCrop1 is on the plant, the higher the efficacy rate. Accordingly, we suggest spraying either early morning or late afternoon as the formula quickly dries when sprayed in direct sunlight or heat.
  • If there is rain in your forecast, apply a foliar spray on your plants at least two hours before rainfall to protect them from pest, mold, or mildew and reduce yield loss. Rainfast within 2 hours, PureCrop1 defends the integrity of your crop through the storm.



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