Quantum Silica


Silica is a pure organic element that can organise, build and co-create life. Quantum Silica produces stronger and healthier plant growth. Once absorbed by the roots, it’s depositied in the plants cell walls as a solid, rigid ‘quartz like’ matrix. This produces a structurally stronger plant with superior leaf orientation, and increased rates of photosynthesis and growth. Your plants contain as much as 10% of their weight as silica. Plants use silicon to build and store as foundational support bewteen cells. Hydroponic formulas do not include silica because it is reactive in its pure form.


Features & Benefits

– protects against mould and grey rot;

– increases the weight and shelf life of fruit;

– increases cell mass and structural integrity

– increases plant tolerance to heat stress and wilting

Рimproves healing rate of pruning wounds


0.3mls/ltr from week 3 of grow onward till harvest.



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