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Rock Ignite Flower Base Nutrient

Rock's 2-part base nutrient for the flower stage



Once your plants/crops have left the early growth stage, they need to be supported by a nutrient that has been specifically formulated to encourage budding and flowering (essential for big healthy crops). By adding Rock Ignite Flowering Nutrient to your growth medium, fantastic results and yields become possible.


To get the best results:
  • Fill your nutrient tank with 80% water.
  • Add the required amount of Rock Ignite Flower Nutrient (Part A) to water
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Add the same amount of Rock Ignite Flower Nutrient (Part B) and mix again
  • Adjust pH level if necessary.


Normal strength dilution rate:

Take 5ml from both Parts A and B of Rock Ignite Flower Nutrient for each litre of water in
your tank. This is a dilution rate of 10ml (5ml from Part A and 5ml from Part B) per litre of water.
For best results, we strongly recommend the use of electronic pH and Dissolved Solids testers.



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