RYZO is a potent root promoter and immune booster. It stimulates rapid root and shoot establishment in newly planted crops. RYZO can also be used as an effective 'rescue remedy' during times of stress, or to treat unhealthy or stunted plants. RYZO is ideal for re-potting and transplanting new or old plants.

Can be used to promote rapid establishment of turf, young trees, strawberries and vegetable seedlings. Can be used in nutrients solution, or as a foliar.

Developed in a Dutch, Canadian and Australian collaboration, RYZO significantly outperforms it's competitors. It's more affordable and twice as concentrated at competing products.


  • Always shake well.
  • Cuttings & Seedlings; For Explosive white root development, mix 1-2ml of Ryzo per liter of water or working nutrient solution on new seedlings or cuttings to stimulate root growth. Can be used as a bare root soak.
  • Repair, Revive & Stress Relief; Mix 1-2ml of Ryzo per liter of nutrient solution.
  • Keep Plants Extremely Healthy; Mix 0.5-1ml of Ryzo per liter of nutrient solution.



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