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Scarid 10 | 100mL

Scarid 10 100ml by Nulife Technologies is a residual insecticide for the control of scarid flies and spring tails in soil and hydroponic media



Do you regularly wage war against scarid fly infestations?
Nulife Technologies gives you a weapon of mass destruction in the form of Scarid 10. Scarid 10 kills the flies by interrupting their natural life cycle. Scarid 10 is applied to the top of your growing medium, it is designed to leave a coating which prevents the flies from landing. This then stops the flies from laying their eggs and therefor no larvae can get to your plants roots.
  • Dilutes 5ml per Litre as a Drench
  • Spray the top of the medium to prevent scarid fly from laying eggs.
  • Repeat After 2 weeks if needed
  • Do not spray plants.



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