SuperSi Silica

100% mono silicic acid


What is SuperSi?

SuperSI is the latest evolution in hydroponic nutrient technology! This powerful composite uses specialised, ultra-soluble nano-particulate silicic acid compounds alongside bioactive amino acids. The result for your garden? Powerful vegetative growth and heavy flowering plants!

This innovative solution encourages incredibly efficient silicate particle uptake without influencing your pH! Silicon will increase defence mechanisms against pest and disease, encourage strong stem & leaf cell growth, shorter internodal positioning, improved resistance to heat & cold stress whilst also providing significantly larger fruit & floral growth.

Organic Silicon is provided through natural beneficial bacterial interactions in soil. We accelerated this natural process to seriously enhance your crop! Ortho-Silicic Acids is a stabilised compound that converts into absorbable mono silicic acid when mixed in water.

SuperSi is the ultimate hydroponic or soil booster.! Although rapidly accelerated and powerful plant growth will occur; SuperSi contains NO synthetic PGRs or harmful chemicals.



SuperSi is a potent and unique formulation with an extreme concentration. For soil, coco and hydroponic cultivation; the recommended dosage is 15ml per 100L. Add SuperSi before any nutrients or additives and stir well. SuperSi can be effectively used as a foliar spray with an optimal dosage of 1mL per 1L. This encourages rapid uptake through the stomata and epidermal tissue, resulting in accelerated leaf growth and strengthening of plant cell structure.




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