Grow Tent Kit Pro LED | 1 x ARCEYE MK2 SAMSUNG 301H LED 450W | 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m



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1 x 450w ArcEye LED | 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m Tent |  HVC EC Silenced Fan with Automatic Computer Control + Free Nutrient Starter Pack

Premium Led Tent Hybrid Setup with  a Silenced  HVC 200mm EC Fan with Our Favorite easy to use computer the  Can EC fan controller.

Glandore has a curated selection of ready to go tent kits designed to include everything you need to get started with an indoor grow room.

These Pro LED kits are perfect for growers looking for the highest quality components. The LED’s used in this kit are made by ArcEye using state of the art components such as  the popular Samsung LM301h LED diode. If you want to maximize the output and efficiency of your grow tent, this kit is for you!

This kit includes a  HVC 200MM Silenced EC Fan + The Legendary Can EC controller which  automatically slow down and speed up the fan based on the parameters you set. The advantage of such a system allows the fan to keep the perfect temperature inside the tent while giving you continuous airflow. We find automatic EC  fan speed controllers are essential for the cooler months as it will retain sufficient levels of heat in the room keeping your plants happy during Winter.

If you’re on a budget, we have put together a range of standard kits that include the 220W Quantum Board (Samsung’s 2835 chip) and Can Fan RS/Max Fan fans over in our LED Tent Kit Standard category.


For a full list of what is included, click the specifications tab below.


If you have any questions about our grow tent kits, or would like to swap, add or remove anything from the kit, please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime.




Product Price Qty
Jungle Room Grow Tent 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m $250 x1
Arceye LED MK2 | 400W | Samsung 301H | Dimmable plus RJ12 port $600 x1
TIME_R Digital Timer $50 x1
Split Double Socket Power Cord 1m $10 x1
Can Fan EC Digital Temperature + Speed Controller $320
Carbon Filter Can Fan Lite 800 | 200mm Flange $230 x1
Reducers - Spun Aluminium Joiners (Various Diameters) $22.50 200-150mm
Acoustic Duct 3m (Various Diameters) $35 x1 150mm
Rope Rachet Kit Twin Pack $20 x1
TIME_R Digital Timer $50 x1
Rocket Pots Air Pruning Pots (Various Sizes) $6.5 x4 21L
Pot saucers (Various Sizes) $2 x4 400mm
Foam Pot Risers (Various Sizes) $10 x4 320mm
CANNA Coco Professional Cube 40L $40 x2
Nutrient Tank/Tub 80L/UV Stable $60 x1
HJ Water Pumps (Various Sizes) $20 x1 HJ 1843
Aqua One Thermosafe Water Heater (Various Sizes) $20 x1 100w
Flexible Poly Hose 10m (Various Sizes) $15 x1 19mm
Flexible Poly Hose 1m (Various Sizes) $1 x4m of 13mm
Top Hat Grommet Fitting (Various Sizes) $1 x4 19mm
Elbow Irrigation Fittings $.4 x4 19mm
Reducing Joiners Irrigation Fittings (Various Sizes) $1 x4 19mm-13mm
Tap Irrigation Fitting (Various Sizes) $3 x4 13mm
Elbow Irrigation Fittings $.4 x4 13mm
T Irrigation Fittings (Various Sizes) $0.6 x4
Feed Ring 6mm Feeders $10 x4
Aqua One SP150 Single Outlet Air Pump $20 x1
Flexible Poly Hose 1m (Various Sizes) $1 x1m of 4mm
Aqua One Air Stones (Various Sizes) $4 x1 Round Airstone
pH Pen Meter $50 x1
EC Pen Meter $60 x1
pH Down $20 1x 250ml
pH Up $15 1x 250ml
Thermometer/Hygrometer Min/Max Memory $25 x1



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