Terraform – Beneficial Microbes – Mycorrhizal fungi and Bacteria strains Certified Organic


The Only Certified Organic Beneficial Microbe Strains on the Market! ,

Now available in 150g and 900g packs

Terraform contains many different species of organic Mycorrhizae, Beneficial Bacteria and Trichoderma that naturally helps the establishment and growth of most ornamental, vegetable, horticultural, grass and broad acre plant species. Terraform can be used in hydroponics, outdoor/indoor potted plants and in many mediums such as soil, coconut fibre and rock-

Terraform provides active nutrient and water uptake while reducing the need for chemical fertiliser when used in conjunction with standard or organic feeding schedules. By simply adding to potting mix, watering in, root dipping or seed coating, Terraform will naturally improve plant vigor and extend your plant’s root system; providing faster and healthier growth, increased yields and disease resistance.

Terraform Contains the following species:

(55,000 viable
organisms per gram)

Pisolithus sp.
Rhizopogon sp.
Scleroderma sp.

Glomus aggregatum
Glomus intraradices
Glomus mosseae
Glomus etunicatum
Glomus clarum
Glomus monosporum
Gigaspora margarita
Paraglomus brasilianum

Contains 1 Million per gram of
each of these 14 species:
Azotobacter vinelandii
Bacillus megaterium
Bacillus subtilis
Bradyrhizobium japonicum
Chaetomium globosum
Pseudomonas fluorescens
Pseudomonas putida
Pseudomonas stutzeri
Rhizobium leguminosarum
Streptomyces albidoflavu
Streptomyces cellulosa
Trichoderma harzianum
Trichoderma lignorum
Trichoderma konigii


Now Available in 150g and 900g size packs



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