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Total Horticultural Concentrate Rhizo Shield



Disease control and prevention - natural microbial inoculation

Total Horticultural Concentrate Rhizo Shield is a natural form of microbial, derived in part from naturally occuring plant extracts. Rhizo Shield is environmentally friendly, non toxic, and safe to use.

Rhizo Shield allows the plant to withstand attacks from biological contaminants like bacteria, fungi, algae, and viruses. Rhizo Shield will control and prevent various diseases, and sterilize plant roots.

Rhizo Shield conditions the rootzone and builds healthier more powerful plants. Please note that rhizo shield does not promote beneficial bacteria growth. Rhizo Shield can also be also used undiluted as a spray to eradicate fungal outbreaks as well as other bacteria and viruses, and sterilizing equipment between crops.

  • disease preventative and treatment
  • maintains plant health and vitality
  • plant rootzone conditioner
  • sterilizing agent
  • induces resistance to several common crop diseases like powdery mildew, leaf spot, and root rot
  • cleans and rejuvenates plants and roots
  • provides resistance and cure against pathogens
  • for use in soil or hydroponics
  • micro cleanser
  • improves overall health of plants
  • no harmful chemicals.



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