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Worm Castings 2.5ltr



New Envio-mental Bio Degradable Packaging now a handy 2.5ltr pack , Best we have Ever Used , Dark Carbon Rich , Aged Properly , Worm Castings can Never Burn Roots!

The specific microorganisms in these worm castings work in many different capacities that are diverse in effect to include;

  • improving soil structure & aggregation
  • assisting with nutrient availability and cycling
  • boosting aerobic conditions
  • increasing bacterial diversity

Worm castings work best when mixed with a good quality soil such as OGS Premium No-Till soil or Canna Terra Professional


1 review for Worm Castings 2.5ltr

  1. Brendon

    Full of micro and macro nutrients ,mineralisation and fixation bacteria,ABC’s and D’s
    The silver bullet I’ve been looking for

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